The world's most accurate football predictions


As a highly successful sports betting consultancy, Starlizard has devoted millions of hours to take our understanding of football into a completely different league.

It is one thing picking the right selection but it is another skill entirely to get this opinion into the market, filling your desired stake at the optimal price.

It is far from easy, but we use our understanding of the game and market know-how to provide our clients with a small edge over the market to generate long term winning returns.


Our research team possesses a fanatical, encyclopaedic knowledge of the beautiful game.


We employ the best and most respected betting brains in the industry to distil what’s happening on and off the pitch, and convert it into betting probabilities.


A specialist team uses highly customised methodologies to place vast volumes of our clients’ bets into the market.

Data Analytics

Massive volumes of data converge into our bespoke analytics tool, providing an unparalleled level of insight for our expert teams across the entire world of football.


Technology is at the heart of our business. Our in-house high performance technology stack enables the business to scale and covers thousands of matches per year, both pre-match and live in-play.


Dynamic technology that evolves with the market

Building event-sourced betting micro services using the latest .NET technologies, data science tools with Python, Apache Parquet and Pandas, web scraping robots and high frequency stream processors, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve the quality of what we build and to reduce the time to build it.

Our distributed messaging systems handle thousands of global activities every second, highlighting betting opportunities the moment they appear. Continuous streams of sporting and betting events converge on our data platform, providing rich analysis and deep insights to our research and betting teams.


Our predictions work best when the game is fair

With our unrivalled knowledge of world football and global betting markets, Starlizard is uniquely placed to spot harmful elements detrimental to fairness in sport.

Starlizard Integrity Services provides sports integrity stakeholders (governing bodies, national associations, leagues and others) with specialist analytical assessments of both betting markets and on-pitch activity, in order to detect and advise on anomalies and integrity concerns.

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