Senior Fullstack Engineer

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What type of candidate are you?

In this role you’ll be in a strong team of engineers that take pride in building well-designed and engineered systems. You’ll learn a lot from the team but we’re looking for someone who can bring something to the team themselves. We therefore look for people who stay at the forefront of technology who can apply new technologies, ideas and practices and make them real.

We are looking for someone who can assume a senior position within the team and someone who has aspirations to lead people and be responsible for team delivery. The systems you’ll be building will range from frontends to high volume, low latency backends and everything in between. You’ll use the full stack of technologies.

You’ll be someone who knows what enterprise-grade software looks like and what it takes to run and maintain software on scale with fast feedback cycles. Everyone will be kept on their toes with your high engineering standards.

What will you be doing?

  • Build high performance event driven back-ends with C# .NET Core, Kubernetes
  • Build well designed and intuitive UIs with React, TypeScript or Blazor
  • Take ownership of epic delivery working together with business counterparts to intimately understanding the feature to be delivered and own the front to back solution
  • Build new and migrate existing systems to AWS with heavy use of Kubernetes using IaC (Terraform) for resource provisioning

What skills will you have?

  • Proficiency with server-side development with an appreciation of scalable, distributed, highly available
    architectures and event driven patterns
  • Knowledge of different code, system, and non-functional testing practices
  • Experience building cloud ready and cloud native systems
  • Know importance of good agile practices and be a seasoned practitioner
  • Write clean, testable and maintainable code that is not over engineered
  • Be articulate and empathetic in explaining design decisions and solutions
  • A confident and good communicator

What technologies are we looking for?

Be proficient with a good mix of:

  • C#, F#, Rx, JS, TypeScript, React, Angular, Blazor
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • EventStore, Kafka, MSK, ActiveMQ, MySQL
  • Jenkins, Terraform
  • Prometheus, Elastic, Kibana, Grafana

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Senior Fullstack Engineer

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